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December 29, 2015

The Deluded Geeks Podcast #01

Recorded: 10/16/2015

Our First Episode! Audio Fixed. New Intro. Some Familiar Voices, Some New. Something completely new to those who've been following us. Testing the waters. Here. We. Go!

In the first hour, Ed talks things that he finds beautiful, plugs '
Happy Hour Podcast w/ Johnny & Duce', his Nintendo Bookclub, and foreshadows his suicide in a movie theater. Ryan forgets what day it is cause he's been doing podcasts and looking for a job, promotes his side gig and gets everyone to confess their love for pickles. Sooley finally does a podcast and promotes his furry fetish which is fueled by his day job at PAWSTAR, and possible hints to a future as a Cam Girl. Justin tries to keep it all together, rambles on about the Star Wars Teaser Trailer, and hopes Nerd Block accepts our Affiliation Application.  Towards the end, Captain Chris comes in to reminds us that we're all doomed.

In the second hour, we joke about King Kong's Bishop. Learn that Sooley works best when he does nothing and talks about Steam. Speaking of Learning things, we learnt the Origins of Ed and Justin's relationship, and how easy it is for Justin to give you your own Podcast. And talk Video Games, make fun of a dead woman's movie, discuss some of our favorite horror movies and so much more!


Edward Varnell
Justin Villarreal
Chris Beaman
Ryan Beaman
Matt Sooley

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Arma 3
Beauty of Microsoft
Crushing Your Head
Fear and Tobie Mcguire
Generation X TV Pilot
Happy Hour Podcast
Life Is Strange Trailer
Manwich Commercial
Mega Fault Trailer
Ronnie Dobbs
Nerd Block
Periscope: DUI
Sissy's Events
Star Wars Teaser Trailer
Trigun Funny
X2 Trailer

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December 23, 2015

Optional Opinion

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! On this episode, I talk about Kojima joing Sony, Xbox One impressions, Hit Games Vs. Holiday Games, The Smash Direct, Announcements and recommendations of a lot of Podcast (The Deluded Geeks, Happy Hour With Johnny And Duce, Simons Cake, The Digital Nerds Advocate Community).  You can follow me on Twitter @thatretrocode and email the show: myop2comment@yahoo.com

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December 11, 2015

Optional Opinion

In part 2 of our topic, "Can Video Games Help Your Love Life", special guest, Adrian Nieto from the NVC Video Game Book Club, joins me as we observe this discussion from a heterosexual viewpoint. Disclaimer: Part 3 will be coming later due to scheduling problems and also, this discussion is for 21+ due to content and some adult themes.  You can email the show at myop2comment@yahoo.com and you can follow me on twitter @thatretrocode.

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December 4, 2015

Optional Opinion

On this episode, my special guest, Chris Leon, joins me and we explore Part 1 of  the topic "Can Video Games Help Your Sex Life".  Discussing this from a Gay view point, we talk about MMO's, Women In Games, Cosplay, and more.  It is NSFW so 18+ should only listen in this healthy conversation.  You can follow me @thatretrocode and you can email the show: myop2comment@yahoo.com.  Join me for part 2, where my special guest and I discuss this topic from a Straight point of view.

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