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April 8, 2016

Optional Opinion

Hello everyone! On this week's episode, I cross examine Cross Buy, Cross Play, Cross Over, and Cross Fire (or being dragged into a debate when you don't want to be in it) and talk about the future for them.  You can email the show at myop2comment@yahoo.com.  Follow me on Twitter @thatretrocode.  You can read the Optional Opinion features and other blogs at IGN.com under enime and at Skirmishfrogs.com where I do a series titled The Moment.  Have a great weekend (or week) everyone!

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We discuss Robert Egger's directorial debut of The Witch; a story of a family's struggle in their new environment in the deep woods. When everything goes wrong, you can blame the token black character. And Witches are most likely old and saggy. The scenery is nice. 

by Matt Sooly



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April 1, 2016

Optional Opinion

Hello Everyone! On this episode, I talk about Truth Vs. Justification (I feature I wrote on IGN. COM under "enime"). Topics I discuss: Working And Crashing The Mind To A Puzzle, Phoenix Wright, Justifying The True Nature Of Self, and Seeking The Truth And Justification To Have Closure. You can also hear other podcast I recommend (The Deluded Geeks Podcast, Happy Hour With Johnny And Duce, Simon's Cakes, World 1-1 Podcast, NVC Video Game Book Club and The Digital Nerds Advocate and the phenomenal shows they produce). You can follow me on Twitter @thatretrocode and email the show atmyop2comment@yahoo.com. Also, the ending song is called Good Fighter (Jazzy Tokyo Mix) by Jelehu on Youtube. Have a great Week and Weekend everyone!

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