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October 18, 2019

The LCGH Podcast #3

After almost 5yrs., we're back!

In this episode, Justin(Founder of The LCGH Research Group) somewhat fills in the gaps between episodes with the demands of his job and expeditions into creepy places. He is also joined by long time friend and colleague in the paranormal research field, Brian Hendrian(Founder of Shelbyville Paranormal Research Society). They both reminiscence on the past, discuss Ass Monkey Awards, Fraud, ParaCelebrities, Media Influence and supposed haunted places in Central Illinois. 


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Ramsey Cemetery: 



Tower Hill:




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October 7, 2019

Fall 2019 Update

Its been a long time since anyone from the network has uploaded but we hope that changes soon. And not all of us have been totally silent. You can catch many of us being guests and supporting hosts on other shows and some of us doing our own thing on other platforms. And if you follow us on our social networks, you can see what we've been up to regularly. 

As for current show uploads, we hope to have a new LCGH Podcast discussing adventures in Central Illinois and Michigan. Maybe a new Optional Opinion, Deluded Geeks and hopefully, a favorite of many, a Goodvibes Playlist Project. There's even talks of new shows joining the network. Babysteps.


So, please support us here and if you can, follow and support our friends and other projects. And thanks to all that already do. We really appreciate you all.

Below are some Episodes that our Network's hosts have been on.


You can check out some of Ed's recent podcasts here:

Optional Opinion:



You can check out some of Justin's recent podcasts here:


The Mind Set Podcast:






My Heart Remembers:



Nocturnal Frequency Radio:



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Hello, everyone! Another Minisode this week! I announce my games for my third year of "Optional Opinion Backlog Bash Blowout". Tune in to find the games I am playing and my very own plans. You're all welcome to join me and if you want to do it too, go ahead and let me know what games you're playing. You can email me at myop2comment@yahoo.com and follow me on twitter @thatretrocode. With that everyone, see you during E3!

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We discuss Robert Egger's directorial debut of The Witch; a story of a family's struggle in their new environment in the deep woods. When everything goes wrong, you can blame the token black character. And Witches are most likely old and saggy. The scenery is nice. 

by Matt Sooly



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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV has just ended and here is a rundown about the show and some thoughts of mine.

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In this Episode, Jonathan gives his thoughts on Fallout 4's new DLC 'Automatron'.


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In this Episode, the gang talks about Fox's Deadpool.
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Recorded: 11/2015

We did things a little differently our second time around. Ed takes the reins of a trio instead of a gaggle of geeks and we try for a shorter run time. Everything else is essentially same, us doing what we think is podcasting.

In this episode, we plug ourselves as usual; talk The Walking Dead, Arrow, Flash, Constantine, First Images of Punisher in the second season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and more! That's a lot of stuff we tried to fit in an hour! We're trying.




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February 27, 2016

Optional Opinion

Happy 20th Anniversary Pokemon! The game that started a lot of people in the RPG world and a influence to many young trainers! Join my special guest Anthony Cantu, Adrian Nieto, Tony Xilikakis, and I as we talk all about the series, are start in the series, childhood memories, the anime, and more.  So grab your balls (pokeballs that is) and take a journey with us.  You can email the show at myop2comment@yahoo.com. Follow me on Twitter @thatretrocode and check out my writings at IGN.com under enime and at Skirmishfrogs.com for The Moment series. Picha Picha

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